Angleside Ltd provide a full range of security services to the hotel and leisure industry throughout the UK and across Europe. Our security services for hotels include uniformed security guards, security patrols, concierge security services and event security.

Security guards in any environment but particularly within the hotel and leisure industry, are one of the main points of contact between visitors, guests and the hotel administration. Their presence is as much about providing reassurance for staff and visitors as it is about presenting a highly visible deterrent to criminal or anti-social activity.

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Security issues relating to hotels

  1. Large physical area to cover: By its very nature, a hotel is a difficult building within which to maintain security. There may be more than one point of entry and many different open areas, hallways and corridors that need to be covered. In addition, there may be substantial parking facilities and external grounds to monitor.
  2. High throughput; Hotels experience high levels of foot traffic throughout the day. With guests checking out and new guests checking in, the clientele is ever-changing. Keeping track of this and ascertaining who has authorised access and who does not can be a mammoth task. A hotel is a very busy environment which can be just the sort of distraction that those seeking to commit crime find attractive.
  3. Diversification: In addition to supplying rooms for guests, many hotels seek additional income from a range of different facilities that are made available to the public. This might include bars, restaurants, gyms, and saunas, right through to nightclubs and casinos. This means that they not only get registered guests coming through the doors but also members of the public who are not required to check-in or out.
  4. High-Value Contents: In any one day, a hotel not only has valuable fixtures and fittings that need protection from damage theft, and vandalism, It may also contain cash, jewelry and other valuable items transported through the hotel in suitcases and other vulnerable baggage. Guests may also leave their rooms unattended for long periods of time with these types of temptations left inside.

Typical responsibilities of a hotel security guard

Concierge Security Services

Angleside have developed a particular security role that combines static front of house duties with those of a security guard. This is a highly professional role that in most cases, will create the first impression that a visitor or guest receives upon entry to a hotel.

The concierge will not only carry out access control duties but will also be a friendly point of contact for providing advice and assistance and in this way improve the guest or visitor experience.

Monitoring and Patrolling Services.

Many hotels have surveillance security systems that require constant monitoring, A security guard may spend part or all of a shift in front of screens that display feeds from areas of the hotel that are covered by CCTV. They watch for unusual, illegal or dangerous activities occurring on the premises.

The other main responsibility is likely to be to patrol hallways, parking areas, stairways, lobbies, bars, restaurants and any other publicly accessible facilities. The patrolling officer may also be called upon to respond to any incidents or concerns that require attendance. These could include guests reporting a disturbance coming from another room or a suspicious persons hanging around in any part of the hotel.

Fixtures, fittings, cash and contents are worthy of protection from theft and damage but a security guard bears the weight of responsibility for the safety and well-being of guests, visitors and staff on the hotel premises. This is a primary responsibility and not one that can be taken lightly.

Maintaining Order

By its very nature, a hotel will have a set of rules that visitors and guests should abide by. This provides a safe environment for staff and visitors alike. A hotel security guard will be called upon to deal with guests and sometimes even members of staff who are breaching the rules.

Hotel security guards are often responsible for carrying out set safety procedures like evacuating the building when an alarm is triggered. Dealing with guests and staff in a clam and professional manner is very important in these situations as is contacting the emergency services, concisely reporting the situation and coordinating responses. This is the reason that security guards like those employed by Anglside go through rigorous vetting procedures backed up by intensive high-quality training.

Escorting Staff and Guests.

There are a number of aspects to duties that involve escorting. These might include escorting VIPs to and from their vehicles and around the hotel. Escorting staff who finish a shift late at night to their back to their vehicles or onto public transport. Sometimes a security guard may be required to escort guests who have been evicted from the hotel; particularly from public areas like bars and restaurants.

Completing Reports and Logging Activity

Keeping a log of unusual occurrences, patrolling routines and any responses required is an important aspect of the hotel security role. These are very useful not just for hotel management to be made aware of areas of concern, but also when a duty shift is handed over to an incoming security team. Logging and reporting may take the form of hand writing but in many cases entry will be via a computer for which basic computing skills at the very least, are required.

Why Employ a Security Contractor Like Angleside?

When considering the security requirements of a hotel, many administrations prefer to employ an outside contractor rather than an in-house team. Using a security contractor like Angleside eliminates the need for costly recruitment and training programmes and provides a level of support and supervision to the security personnel that might not be available to an in-house team.

Using a security contractor is also likely to be the most cost-effective solution. It is a flexible option that can be tailored to the evolving needs of the hotel. Cover can be adapted according to seasonal changes in occupancy. Reduced when appropriate and expanded to cover periods of high occupancy or when events, conferences and other activities that involve members of the public coming into the hotel are taking place.

If injury arises in a hotel as a result of lax security, the hotel management may find themselves at the centre of litigation. Contracting the responsibility for security out to an external provider minimises the prospect of this happening.

Security contractors understand the importance of providing the most professional, highly trained and motivated personnel in the business. Angleside has been providing top-flight security services for decades. We often employ ex-military and services personnel and supplement their existing skills and experience with our own specialised training.

If you would like to discuss your hotel security requirements please feel free to contact our expert advisors. You can use the contact details displayed throughout the site or simply fill in our form to indicate your interest and we will get straight back to you. We are happy to provide initial consultations and security audits, prepare strategic security strategies and provide services to cover identified vulnerabilities.

Concierge and Hotel Security Guard Services

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