Secure Your Next Event

The nature of an event, large or small, brings security issues including the potential for highly volatile situations such as fights, venue damage and medical emergencies.

Angleside offers complete event security to assist you in creating a safe and secure atmosphere. We are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the UK, and have over twenty years of event expertise and knowledge.

To assist you in providing a safe and secure environment for your visitors, our SIA-licensed security guards and officers are trained to the highest standards and offer a comprehensive portfolio of event security services.

Our security personnel are experienced, presentable and professional. We ensure that visitors have a safe and pleasurable experience. Our focus is always on customer safety, with the primary goal of guaranteeing that all visitors come safely, have a good time, and depart securely.

Angleside Event Security

If you need a reliable private security company with an awareness of how our actions impact your business image, then Angleside is the security company for you. We have many years of testimonials and feedback from satisfied customers to back up our claims

Every event has its own set of security requirements. Something that works well on a large music festival may not be suitable for a smaller community event. That’s why at Angleside, we provide customized security solutions for every client.

If you have a future event that you would like to discuss security solutions for, fill out the form below and an event security specialist will contact you promptly.

    Events We Can Secure

    Here are some of the many types of events we cover:

    • Sporting Events
    • Concerts
    • Conferences
    • Trade Shows
    • Music Festivals
    • Charity Events
    • Corporate Events
    • Small & Large Parties

    How We Ensure Event Security

    Our security guards accomplish event security through interacting with visitors in a professional, proactive, and pleasant manner. Providing and maintaining a safe environment, as well as quickly reacting to any potential emergencies.

    All attendees and guests to your event can be checked and screened by our event security officers to guarantee they are authorized to be there. Our guards can also conduct body searches to ensure that no illegal items reach the event grounds.

    In addition, our event security guards can offer crowd management – assisting with crowd control and direction as needed for the safety of your guests and to avoid overcrowding.

    Our event security personnel are constantly on the lookout for any issues and can monitor the whole site. They keep regular contact with your team on any concerns and keep detailed records during and after the event.