Why Corporate Security Guarding?

If unauthorised access to your business premises is gained, in addition to the risk of theft of stock, materials, or machinery, there is a chance that criminals could be targetting your IT systems to gain access to sensitive information relating to your business or your employees.

Technology has become more innovative in recent years and of course, criminals have not been slow to learn how to use it to assist them as they engage in their crimes. Our Corporate Security professionals receive regularly updated training on how to identify and manage these types of threats

Theft of company assets like stock, machinery, cash, and business equipment is not only a costly experience but also extremely inconvenient. Replacing some of the essential elements you need to run your business after they have been stolen takes time and money.

Engaging a corporate security company like Angleside to audit your existing security and make recommendations as to where it can be improved, has the potential to repay your initial outlay several times over.

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    Angleside Corporate Security Services

    These are some of the many corporate security services we can offer:

    Physical Security Measures

    There are occasions when as a result of our security audit, we identify that some physical security measures are either more suitable than a manned security presence or that they are necessary to work alongside it. We can contract for:

    • Installation of security barriers, gates and fencing
    • High security windows, doors and locks
    • Entry systems
    • Security lighting and alarm systems
    • Surveillance and monitoring systems
    • Sensor installation to detect motion or intrusion

    Manned Guarding

    There is nothing as effective as the presence of a uniformed security guard in a corporate situation. A security guard acts as a visible deterrent to criminals and also a reassuring presence to employees and visitors.

    Our corporate security guards are the best in the business. Experienced, highly trained, and dedicated; we often recruit ex-services personnel for their valuable experience and professionalism.

    Our guards provide a remedy for theft, employee-related crime, property damage, and physical assault. We can supply personnel in or out of uniform to undertake a range of duties including:

    • Access control
    • Mobile external security patrolling
    • On-site CCTV monitoring
    • Night-time security
    • Building security
    • VIP escorting and secure transportation
    • Remote surveillance and rapid reaction to alarm triggers

    Corporate Event Security

    Angleside is the leading security provider for corporate security events. Whether the event is a trade exhibition, a dinner party, or a charity fundraiser, we can provide experienced security guards in or out of uniform to make sure that your event goes without a hitch.

    Concierge Security

    Our concierge security services offer specially trained security personnel to man reception desks and oversee security in communal areas. This is a hybrid role that combines elements of customer service with the corporate security function.

    A concierge security officer is a reassuring and welcoming presence. The role is to provide advice and guidance, check visitor credentials, issue security passes and maintain a log of who enters and leaves your premises.

    The concierge security officer may also monitor CCTV feeds, act as a keyholder, liaise with local law enforcement, and attend to any incidents that might occur.

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    If you need a reliable and conscientious security contractor with decades of experience within the security industry, we invite you to get in touch for an initial discussion without further obligation

    Perhaps an objective third-party audit of your corporate security arrangements by our corporate security experts would be a good place to start. We can report back on our findings and start to prepare a corporate security strategy targeted at your specific threats and weaknesses.

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    Angleside – Corporate Security for Responsible Companies

    At Angleside we provide a full range of corporate security services aimed at companies who know that protecting employees, material assets, and premises from unwanted attention is not just a duty but also a legal and moral responsibility.

    Corporate security takes many forms and at Angleside we have you covered. We provide the full package from initial security audits to identify security threats and weaknesses, right through to the provision of highly trained corporate security guards that act as a visible deterrent to criminal activity.

    Whatever is required to boost the security of your company, Angleside is in a position to meet your corporate security needs. As a large international security company established over many years, we have the structure, the resources, and the experienced and motivated security personnel in place to provide the security measures you need.

    We offer flexible and targeted security packages to companies of any size. We realise that not all businesses need the same intensity in their security arrangements to maintain a safe corporate environment. We’re always happy to look at bespoke corporate security arrangements that suit your business and meet your specific security needs in the most cost-effective way.

    To get an instant quotation for our corporate security guard services use our quick contact form, a member of our team will be back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, read more about our services below.