The Importance of Construction Security

Construction is a huge and valuable sector that includes storing and using high-value vehicles, materials, equipment, and gear. These factors make construction sites a lucrative target for criminals, as all of these materials can have a high resale value.

Furthermore, the construction sector employs a large workforce, many of whom could be at risk if there are disruptions or missing pieces of equipment. There are already numerous risks associated with construction sites, if intruders vandalize, damage, steal, or even remove equipment from the original positions there is a huge increase in risk, leaving the construction site unsafe for workers, visitors, and even the general public.

Projects can be delayed when supplies and equipment are destroyed or stolen, leading to extra expenditure and fewer profits overall. In addition, post-construction clean-up efforts such as removing graffiti will add further expenses.  

Any risk assessment for a building site should include effective security measures. Angelside has provided effective and reliable construction site security systems for a number of construction sites throughout the UK and Europe, protecting the safety of personnel and equipment.

Lastly, is also important to note that many insurance firms are increasingly refusing to cover construction premises that do not have manned security available during off-peak hours. This emphasizes the need for and importance of establishing a strategy to handle construction site security.

Angleside Construction Security Solutions

Visible Security Guards

Angleside Security employs experienced and highly-trained security officers that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to manage security on both large and small construction sites.

Security guarding with highly visible security guards is still one of the most effective security solutions, functioning as a visible deterrent to safeguard the wellbeing of your construction site and employees.

Our guards can monitor entry points like gates and barriers to ensure that all access to the construction site is approved. Construction sites are also vulnerable to internal security risks, such as theft by individuals who are permitted to work there. Employees, subcontractors, and such can be checked and verified by our guards. 

Security Fencing & Barriers

Physical site protection is one of the most basic and straightforward methods of securing a construction site. This is normally achieved by erecting appropriate barrier fencing around the perimeter. This makes it very difficult to access the site and remove anything from it.

With barriers and fences, all pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be diverted to a single point of entry, which will be continuously monitored to verify that all access is approved. A revolving staff of qualified security officers can then supervise admissions and exits to the construction site. 

CCTV Security Monitoring

Construction sites can benefit from surveillance cameras that can record footage and sound an alarm in the event of a security breach. These cameras can be watched by static security personnel on site or linked to a central control room.

Some of the video surveillance systems we utilize at Angleside Security include cameras with a 360-degree view of your facility, 24/7 motion-recording cameras and thermal detection. We can also dispatch mobile security patrols to respond to any security alarms.

Mobile Patrols

Construction sites generally take up huge, open sections of land with various access points, which make them especially difficult to keep secure from outsiders. The solution? Mobile security.

Our mobile security services are ready to respond immediately if an alarm is triggered. We can deploy security patrols to monitor a building site during vulnerable times, such as after sunset, on a set timetable or make visits that do not follow a predictable pattern.

Our security officers don’t just drive around passively observing things. They are trained to exit the vehicle and conduct a thorough search of the perimeter around the construction site, looking for evidence of violation, unauthorised access, or missing materials.

Protect Your Construction Site Today

To cause havoc, criminals only need one weak link in your site’s security framework. Working with security specialists and combining cutting-edge technology with real-world human skills will keep your construction site safe and secure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, under every circumstance.

If you own a construction company or have any other type of business related to building structures, partner with Angleside Security. Our construction security solutions include on-site manned guards, CCTV with 24/7 surveillance and the installation of our security patrol monitoring system. We will ensure your construction site is kept secure 24/7.  

Every building site has its own set of security requirements. Something that works well on one construction site may not be suitable for another. That’s why at Angleside, we provide customized security solutions for every client.

If you have a future project that you would like to discuss security solutions for, or an existing construction site that you would like to secure, fill out the form below and a construction site security specialist will contact you promptly or contact us here.

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