Effective Concierge Security

We understand that providing excellent customer service is a must for concierge employees. You want someone that is constantly well-dressed, friendly, and willing to help anyone who enters your site.

To guarantee that your business works functions  efficiently, we also train our concierge security in telecommunications and reception tasks.

Our employees will always strive to meet and greet customers, no matter how crowded the surroundings or how stressful the day may be.

Investing in Angleside concierge security can raise your company’s profile among consumers not just for safety reasons, but also because we will provide a professional and friendly service.

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    Professional Concierge Security Guards

    Our concierge security guards’ main responsibility is to protect property and personnel by patrolling the area, inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points, and allowing only authorized personnel access. This is accomplished through:

    • Checking the details of the visitors.
    • Assist as a team member in ensuring that all visitors/customers have a great experience.
    • Checking any contractor passes to ensure they are up to date and legitimate, as well as logging the data of guests and visits to the site in full and accurate written logs.
    • When necessary, direct vehicles and delivery trucks to their proper location.
    • Entering and retrieving data from computer databases.
    • Scheduling the locking and unlocking of the premises.
    • Act as a visible deterrent to anti-social behaviour.
    • Adherence to common rules and general etiquette of the building/hotel.

    Benefits of Concierge Security

    The benefits of concierge security guards are numerous. They provide a variety of services, such as assisting guests with transportation needs, responding to emergencies and monitoring the premises for potential troubles. The hotel can rely on them to be professional 24 hours a day. It’s important that hotels offer this service because it satisfies their obligations to protect customers under the law while providing an excellent customer experience.

    • They are always on duty
    • They have extensive knowledge about the property and its policies/procedures
    • They serve as a liaison between management and guests with questions or concerns
    • They can help calm down unruly guests before it escalates into violence
    • With concierge service, no detail goes unnoticed – they take care of everything from picking up packages at the door or dealing with customer disputes
    • Concierge services often come at an affordable price for what they offer in terms of protection and peace of mind

    Protect Your Business Today

    Concierge security is a cost-effective approach to deliver a warm and cheerful welcome at your reception while simultaneously keeping track of any guests and security hazards in the same area. Your concierge will produce reports on the security of your business premises in conjunction with any other security measures you have in place, such as alarm systems or CCTV.

    From access control and visitor monitoring to customer assistance and first aid, our concierge security service includes a wide range of responsibilities. We constantly adjust our services to you rather than expecting you to adapt to us, so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything more you need added to your concierge security service, including non-security services such as commercial cleaning.

    If you are unsure what level of protection you require, remember that all our quotes come with a free, no-obligation risk assessment so that you can determine the ideal concierge security service for your risk level and budget. Contact us or alternatively fill out the form below and one of our security specialists will contact you promptly.