Commercial buildings in whatever form they take are a tempting prospect for those with criminal intent. Theft from warehouses, offices, distribution centres and shops is all too common. It means that a criminal or perhaps even a member of staff or sub-contractor has done their own audit of the security arrangements and discovered a weakness or weaknesses that can be exploited.

Not only can this be costly to the business owner, it often causes major inconvenience. There are measures that can be taken that prevent many of these incidents from occurring. It is not worth playing the odds with weak security and simply hoping that nothing is going to happen. A full security audit to examine potential vulnerabilities is a good place to begin a campaign of preventative measures.

Angleside Ltd has been supplying a full range of commercial building security services across the UK and throughout Europe for decades. As well as physical security measures and installations, we offer security guarding, mobile patrolling, and alarm monitoring with rapid response measures in place if required.

If you want to be sure that you’ve done everything you can to strengthen your commercial building security, these are some of the main points you should consider.

Security Auditing and Strategic Planning

A full security audit is best carried out by an independent and impartial security expert. Objectivity is the key to identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities comprehensively. A thorough security audit will look at all aspects of commercial building security from the point of view of physical measures that can be introduced as well as internal vulnerabilities that can be exploited by staff and visitors.

The objective of an audit is to produce a strategic security plan that seals the leaks by eliminating the main vulnerabilities. These can be broken down into 4 main areas

  • Physical adaption of the building and surrounding grounds
  • Access control and monitoring
  • Maintaining a manned security presence
  • Staff training.

1. Manned Security Guarding

For larger businesses and those with high volumes of traffic and sprawling or multiple premises, a uniformed security presence may well be the best and most cost-effective solution. A security guard is a multitasker that can not only reinforce but often fulfill many of the functions already discussed here.

Security guards can be alert to circumstances that might not be picked up by automated systems and react in real-time to incidents that occur. They can also patrol and monitor areas of a building not covered by surveillance systems as well as the external perimeters.

Security guards are not only a highly visible deterrent to criminal activity, they also offer a reassuring presence to staff and visitors alike. Automated systems can only carry out their programs as opposed to a security guard being able to analyse and react using initiative.

2. Staff Training

Establishing a suitable training program for staff so that they become aware of security issues is a good practice that supplements your security measures with extra pairs of eyes and ears. Teaching them what to look out for and how to respond introduces a collective sense of responsibility. The end result is that the risk of theft is significantly reduced. Training can be introduced as part of the induction process and should be refreshed and updated on a regular basis.

3.Access Control

There are various points around a commercial building at which an access control system can be inserted. This might be at the external perimeter in the form of gates and barriers with automated systems such as key-fob press or number plate recognition systems. If doors and windows are to be upgraded to high-security standards it would be worth looking at how card entry or key code access systems can be integrated. Similar systems can be used internally to limit access to certain areas of a building.

When choosing not to install an electronic access control system, make sure to manage the key distribution process well. You should keep records of who has possession of the keys and when they have them. Backing this up with a comprehensive logging procedure is always a good idea.

4. Adaptation of the building

Adapting a commercial building and its grounds to increase security is no small task and may take substantial investment. In terms of preventing loss from theft and crime, it is an investment that has the potential to recover and even make good on the initial outlay.

That is not to say that relatively small measures like replacing locks with high-security versions will not have an impact. It is more about how a holistic approach to security can be even more effective and in the longer term, actually save money.

  • Security barriers and gates: Introducing measures like security barriers and gates with anti-tamper and anti-climb features around a perimeter not only makes it much more difficult to approach a building, it also gives a signal to anyone with criminal intent, that the business beyond the perimeter has given some thought to security and in that way acts as a deterrent. Why focus on a difficult target when there are easier pickings out there?
  • Lighting: A well lit building is a more secure building. Definitely the most important lights to install will be those that light up the external areas. Not only is it a deterrent to those seeking an opportunity, it also makes staff entering and leaving the building after dark feel more secure.
  • CCTV and Alarm Systems: Installing surveillance cameras is an effective way of securing a building. With the latest developments in wireless internet based technology, not only have installations become cheaper, but ongoing monitoring has also become simpler. A surveillance and alarm system is a primary deterrent not just to external security threats, but also potential theft carried out by employees and other authorised personnel.

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Partnering with Angleside Ltd for your security requirements.

Angleside is a well-established industry leader in the security sector. We have been supplying a full range of security services to business and commerce for many years. We like to get involved with security projects at the planning stages but we are also happy to integrate with existing security arrangements.

We employ high caliber, rigorously vetted, and highly trained personnel, many of whom are drawn from a military or services background. We have a large portfolio of successful security projects undertaken around the world and we are as happy to take on short-term and temporary contracts as we are long-term.

Our business and commercial security services include:

  • Security audits
  • Supply and installation of physical security measures
  • Manned guarding
  • Mobile security patrolling
  • Close protection services

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