Hiring a professional security agency is the first step to increase security in your company, your warehouse, your property or the event you organize. Companies like Angleside make sure that their security guards are well trained and professionally prepared for their work. These are the key skills that every guard needs. There is, however, another important factor that can significantly improve their performance. It’s their motivation. Here’s why motivation is important and how an employer can influence the level of motivation of his or her security guards.

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Why is the security guards’ motivation so important?

Above all, motivated employees simply keep trying to do their job as well as possible. They constantly try to prevent problematic situations, and if something happens, they want to solve them quickly and effectively.  Motivated and appreciated security guards feel responsible for the results of their work. And, after all, performance and results are what matters most for someone who hires a security agency.

What is more, by trying to maintain the motivation of security guards, or any employees actually, the employer prevents high turnover in the company. Security guards who have been working together for a long time make a good team, cooperate better and solve problems faster. Low turnover is also a guarantee of proper training and experience as it takes several months to train every security guard and introduce him/her to the company.

How to create good work conditions for security guards?

The attitude of any employee depends largely on work conditions and the atmosphere in the workplace. It’s the same when it comes to security guards. If you want to keep them motivated, make sure to follow these tips.

1. Provide good working conditions and proper tools

Let’s start with the basic factors that positively influence the work environment. Provide security guards with proper room to store their personal belongings, prepare for work and spend breaks. It must be clean and spacious enough. It certainly can’t be a cluttered little room. Then equip them with the tools they need to do their job – a professional outfit, a phone or a car, if their duties require it. Allow them to take their meal break during their work and follow the rules on allowed working hours. Only healthy and rested security guards can do their work well and provide you with the security services you expect.

2. Remember names

When a new employee arrives, be sure to say hello to him on the first day (or delegate your employee to do so, depending on the structure of your company), introduce yourself and remember his name. It’s a small thing, but it really matters. If you employ several or more security guards, it doesn’t take much effort to learn their names and it completely changes the nature of your relationship. Once you know their names, greetings and conversations become more personal. This way, security guards feel noticed and less anonymous which has a positive effect on their attitude to work. They take their duties seriously and feel more responsible for them.

3. Establish working rules and communicate them in a clear way

When hiring a security guard, you are certainly guided by the need to increase the security of your company, people or your property. Take a moment to think about what exactly you expect from a security agency and its employees and communicate it.  Remember that written instructions are as important as verbal ones and they have to be exactly the same. You need to create a professional job description and list there all the duties of a security guard. This will make it easier for both you and them to work well. Your security guards will know what they are expected to do and what they should not do.

4. Treat them well

As an employer, but also as a person, you should treat everyone with due respect. Treat security guards well and pay attention to how other employees treat them. In many places, security guards are seen as second-class employees, both by colleagues and customers. This often involves disrespectful and offensive comments directed at them. In such cases, you must be vigilant and immediately signalize that such behaviour is not acceptable in your company. Make it clear that all employees deserve to be treated equally and with respect and set an example with your own actions.

4. Let them know that you see their good work

This is one of the most important elements of keeping your employees motivated. Even if the rules of work are clear and your security guards just do their job by following them, it is worth appreciating their work from time to time. This way, they see that their effort is recognized and want to keep it up. Appreciate them especially when they perform exceptionally well. Many security guards try not only to solve problems but also to prevent them. They do their best to predict potential issues to protect the company from danger or loss. Be sure not to miss such an attitude and appreciate it properly. Maybe even officially? This form of appreciation will draw the attention of others and perhaps encourage them to follow it.

5. Support good reactions

It often happens that their behaviour, even though it is correct, does not suit their customers or colleagues. For example, if employees should show their badge every time they enter a building, and not everyone wants to follow the rule. If security guards stand by this requirement despite the inconvenience of others, show them that you approve of their behaviour.

Ensuring proper motivation of employees is a benefit for security guards and the employer. It positively affects security guards’ performance and prevents them from changing jobs. Keeping guards motivated should be one of the priorities of every employer.

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