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Angleside Security in Europe is a well-established, professional Hungarian based security agency company with local operating bases throughout Central and Eastern Europe. If you need uniformed security guards in Budapest, mobile patrols in Baja or security for the hospitality industry in tourist destinations like Beke, we can produce a package of security upgrade options tailored to your needs. Our vast experience of cross-border security operations and our renowned flexible approach means that through us, you have access to top-rate security services at very competitive rates.

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    Professional and Reliable Security in Hungary

    Name: Biztonsági őrök | Security Guards Budapest – Angleside
    Address: Budapest
    Angleside, Árpád fejedelem útja 26 – 28
    1023 Hungary

    Partnering with Angleside Security in Hungary

    For a new security project, involving Angleside from the planning stages means that we can work with you to plan and prepare the right strategy for your situation. We carry out security audits and make recommendations on a regular basis. We can just as easily integrate with existing provision for a smooth and problem-free security upgrade. Our staff are trained and accredited to the highest international standards and fully licensed to work in Hungary.

    All of our security contracts are supported by our 24-hour control room and GPRS technology. We can also assist with checkpoints, body cams, and welfare checks and mobile security response

    Our broad experience and extensive expertise make Angleside the number one choice for security services. We are dedicated to providing quality services and meeting our clients’ expectations with an extensive range of customized security packages. Your security is our top priority.

    Angleside Security Company in Hungary

    In Hungary, we offer a broad range of security guarding services and agency solutions for every occaision

    • Construction sites & buildings
    • Storage sites & shopping centres
    • Concert arenas, clubs, and pubs
    • Gatehouse premises & offices
    • Offshore locations & ground drilling sites
    • Oil & gas production facilities
    • Manufacturing sites
    • Production facilities & goods centres
    • Mass storage houses & public sites
    • Highly-sensitive defence facilities
    • High volume technical centres
    • Training & research centres
    • Test facilities
    • Keyholding
    • Mobile security patrols,
    • Vacant property security inspections
    • Remote lock & unlock
    • Remote monitoring

    If you require a top-class security agency, we’re here to support you. Contact us for a free security consultation

    The Flexible Approach from Angleside Security in Hungary

    Here at Angleside, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to all circumstances and tailor our security services to provide solutions that are effective and budget conscious. We are open to engagements of any size. Now matter how large or small the project. We welcome short-term and temporary contracts in just the same way that we welcome the long-term or permanent. We often work with groups of smaller businesses who club together to engage our services for a cost-effective solution. Please do get in touch if you think we may be able to help you. An exploratory discussion is free and without obligation. 

    Security Guards in Hungary

    Angleside can provide top-flight professional security guards in or out of uniform anywhere in Hungary. Uniformed guarding provides a reassuring presence in shops, offices, commercial buildings and on private estates. Our staff have been through a stringent recruitment and vetting process. Often ex-military or with extensive service backgrounds, we only supply switched on, professional security officers who approach every project with confidentiality, integrity and enthusiasm. Where necessary, we provide our teams with the additional training needed for specialist circumstances.

    Hospitality Security in Hungary

    Angleside already supply the complete range of security services to the hospitality industry in Hungary and throughout Europe. Our certified front-line door staff are renowned for maintaining a safe environment in bars, restaurants and nightclubs. We also provide uniformed professional concierge services in large offices, apartment buildings and hotels where dealing with the public helpfully and with tact and diplomacy combines with responsibilities for security and safety. Our staff are well presented, well trained and completely reliable. We make sure that they have the necessary licenses and accreditation to work in Hungary.

    VIP Close Protection Security for Hungary

    We can provide highly trained close protection security personnel for guarding politicians, celebrities, corporate executives and others who may be in danger of attack or kidnap. Our close protection staff are trained in risk assessment, unarmed combat, escape and avoidance and modern communication techniques. Whether you need VIP protection for a one-off public appearance, secure transportation or more intense 24 hour protection, we would be happy to discuss your situation and come up with a solution. We back our staff up with 24 hour monitoring and support from a centralised location.

    Hungary Event Security

    If you are planning a large event and you want the event to go off without a hitch, then you need our event security services. We provide highly trained staff for private parties, concerts, sporting events and any other occasion that caters for large numbers of people attending. We can supply high-visibility uniformed personnel for access verification, ticket inspection, car parking supervision and monitoring perimeter security. We can also supply plain clothes personnel to mingle with a crowd and make sure that your major occasions are trouble-free. Get in touch for an initial discussion

    Transport Security in Hungary

    If you need a reassuring presence for transportation of large sums of money, important people or high value cargoes, our transportation security services are just what you need. We can provide onboard security, overt or covert escorting and even armoured vehicles. Our technology can continuously track any vehicle and any of our personnel. Should an incident occur, our highly trained staff are available to instantly respond and to call in backup if necessary. The operations are centrally monitored and managed from start to finish.

    Industrial Security Guards in Hungary

    Our uniformed guards are available for duty in factories, warehouses and storage facilities anywhere in Hungary. If you need access management, we can man barriers, check authorised access and patrol perimeters. Our personnel are available for monitoring CCTV and responding to emergencies. We can also assign revolving teams for 24 hour a day security duties. Maintaining a security presence is a visible deterrent to anyone considering any sort of theft and as a result, can often save money in the long run as well as avoid major inconvenience.