Professionally trained & experienced security guards in Bulgaria

If you need security guards in Sofia, mobile security patrols in Varna or marine security along the Black Sea Coast, turn to Angleside for professional cross-border security services anywhere in Bulgaria. We have decades of experience in the UK and across Europe supplying high quality security services in industrial, commercial and private settings. We can provide experts who speak Bulgarian to coordinate with you to produce tailored strategic plans and cost-effective solutions to all of your security issues

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    Reliable Security Company in Bulgaria and Europe.

    Name: Security Guards Sofia / Bulgaria – Angleside
    Address: Angleside, 132 Mimi Balkanska Str.
    1540 Sofia

    Why should you choose Angleside?

    Angleside is a truly professional international security company. We place a lot of emphasis on securing the services of qualified and experienced personnel. Often drawn from a military or service background, our security teams receive regular training, training updates and specialist training in all aspects of the security industry. We make sure that they are licensed and accredited to work in Bulgaria and supply the backup, monitoring and real-time management needed to carry out their duties effectively.

    Contact us today to discuss your security needs. Short-term and temporary contracts are always welcome as are long-term and permanent assignments.

    Bulgarian Security Company

    We offer a broad range of security guarding services and agency solutions to all kinds of clients.

    • Construction sites & buildings
    • Storage sites & shopping centres
    • Concert arenas, clubs, and pubs
    • Gatehouse premises & offices
    • Offshore locations & ground drilling sites
    • Oil & gas production facilities
    • Manufacturing sites
    • Production facilities & goods centres
    • Mass storage houses & public sites
    • Highly-sensitive defence facilities
    • High volume technical centres
    • Training & research centres
    • Test facilities
    • Keyholding
    • Mobile security patrols,
    • Vacant property security inspections
    • Remote lock & unlock
    • Remote monitoring

    If you need a professionaal and reliable security agency you can do no better than turn to Angleside. Our security guards will give you, your premises and posessions the ultimate protection for any situation

    Security Guards in Bulgaria with the Client-Centred Approach

    We are pleased to work with businesses of any size as well as private individuals to produce targeted security strategies that work well within the local area. We make sure our staff are fully licensed to work in Bulgaria and work hard to set up liaison channels with local authorities and emergency services. We can also provide bilingual staff that can speak in Bulgarian and English.

    Rather than attempt to impose a security strategy to fit with our services, we adapt our services to fit seamlessly in with your existing provision. We bring the cross-border experience gained over many years along with top-quality personnel often with military and service backgrounds.

    Our primary objective is to meet the needs of each client and offer solutions that are suitable for their businesses or properties. We act with integrity and honesty at all times. At Angleside we understand that you never get a second chance to create a first impression.

    Contact us today to discuss your needs and to arrange a free quote without further obligation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

    Security Guards in Bulgaria

    We supply experienced security guards in or out of uniform. Our uniformed security guards provide a reassuring visible presence that also acts as a deterrent to criminal activity. As a high visibility front-line resource often called upon to deal with members of the public, our staff are taught to respond with absolute professionalism, tact and diplomacy in any situation. Protecting, commercial buildings like shops, offices and hospitality premises makes employees feel safe and guards against the financial impact of theft.

    Bulgaria Mobile Security Patrols

    Our tailored mobile security patrolling services are a cost-effective way for businesses with multiple premises or groups of smaller businesses clubbing together to maintain a security presence. Our mobile patrols can visit and inspect business premises working to a schedule or otherwise. Check for security breaches and provide a rapid response to alarm triggers or incidents in progress picked up by CCTV coverage.

    Our personnel often have ex-services or military backgrounds and have been vetted and extensively trained for the complete range of mobile patrolling duties

    Bulgaria VIP Security and Close Protection

    We supply specialist VIP security to celebrities, politicians, corporations and other organisations right across Bulgaria. Everything from secure airport pickups and transportation right through to long-term close protection and body guarding can be arranged. Angleside can work on a one-off basis for body guarding at public events and appearances or provide permanent and longer-term revolving 24 hour close protection.

    Our VIP body guards are often ex-military with substantial training in anticipating and reacting to potential or actual danger. They are centrally monitored via our control stations and backup is available if needed.

    Marine Security Services in Bulgaria

    As part of the Titan Security Group, Angleside can provide revolving teams of marine security guards to work in container depots, ports and marinas in Bulgaria. If you need marina security in Sveti Vlas or access control in the port of Burgas, we are the go-to security company. We can man gates and barriers to control access as well as carry out mobile patrols in vehicles and on foot for general monitoring duties, We also supply on-board security staff to guard private yachts and commercial cargo vessels. Contact us today for an initial discussion.

    Bulgaria Hospitality Security

    Angleside is part of the Titan Security Group. For front-line door security supervisors in bars or clubs, concierge services in a hotel or apartment complex, or mobile security monitoring in a holiday resort in or out of season, we have trained and experienced security staff ready to work in the hospitality sector. Our staff teams are all SIA trained and accredited to operate with total professionalism in potentially inflammatory situations. Care and concern for customer safety is a number one priority and we have decades of experience working in the sector both in the UK and right across Europe

    Transport Security in Bulgaria 

    Our centrally controlled and managed transport security officers provide a cost-effective way to deter criminal activity, stop stowaways seeking to move through Bulgaria and protect valuable road cargo. Our transport security personnel are veterans of the security industry often drawn from a military background. We can provide staff to ride along with valuable shipments or chauffeur VIPs, deploy accompanying vehicles if needed and make use of radio technology and geo-location tools to track and monitor the exact location of your valuable cargo.