Coronavirus COVID-19

Emergency preparedness and response

Establishing a multi-disciplinary crisis management team for information sharing, decision making and revising arrangements in accordance with changing circumstances. The team should also be responsible for monitoring developments relating to the pandemic

Ensure staff are trained on relevant information i.e. hand hygiene etc.

Arranging for operational teams to work in alternative locations or at the back-up site or from home where the situation permits;

Making arrangements to have staff on standby to cover increase requirements and reduce impact caused from staff absence and disruption to transport.

Hold a manager meeting to ensure all management are aware of their responsibilities and the contents of this policy.

Run business continuity test for shut down of office should be less than 60 minutes to set up in alternative location.

Environmental hygiene 

Clients to be informed of hygiene control at their premises

Cleansing and disinfecting office premises more regularly

Establishing infection control procedures including the acquisition of adequate protective equipment (e.g. hand gloves, liquid soap and disinfectants) for use by staff in case of need

Staff safety and awareness 

Reducing non-essential overseas trips and meetings and using video or telephone conferencing facilities where possible

Making sure the contact numbers of staff remain up to date

Communicating to staff the steps taken by the institutions in preparation for the outbreak

Providing health advice and guidelines on the importance of good personal hygiene to staff through internal communications and training

Reviewing and where necessary, strengthening policies on medical provision, sick leave and other leave

Coordination with external parties 

Encouraging clients to use telephone or online facilities in place of physical visits and communicating any special service arrangements to clients clearly and timely

keeping the regulators informed of any development or outbreak

Checking with critical suppliers and major outside service providers to make sure that their contingency plan is adequate and can be activated at any time in face of a pandemic.

Key Staff Training points

Below are the key points that need to be covered during the staff training module for COVID–19

More Information

Government Guidance –

NHS Guidance –

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